NICE Methods Guide and Technical Support Documents

NICE regularly updates its "Guide to the methods of technology appraisal" and the DSU is pivotal in assisting this process. 

NICE Methods Guide update (DSU work) 

NICE also seeks to promote the improvement of health technology assessment methodology and the DSU has been commissioned by NICE to produce a series of Technical Support Documents.  These documents provide detailed guidance on appropriate methodology for specific issues in health technology assessment and economic evaluation.

Technical Support Documents (TSDs)

Other methods work

The DSU has also undertaken several pieces of important research to tackle specific methodological issues.

EQ-5D-5L (2017) 

Real World Data (2016)

Managed Entry Agreements (2016)

Quality assurance of models which inform NICE Technology Appraisals - in progress

Economic Mapping of Utilities (EMU) - ALDVMM: A command for fitting Adjusted Limited Dependent Variable Mixture Models to EQ-5D (2015)

Assessing technologies that are not cost effective at a zero price (2014)

Value based pricing / assessment (2012-13)

End of Life (December 2012)

Mapping of EQ-5D (2012-13)

Progression-free survival and overall survival (PFS-OS) (August 2012)

Regression methods (2012-13)

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) (February 2011)

EQ5D (November 2010)

QALY weighting (December 2009)

Crossover and survival (July 2009)

Value of Innovation (May 2009)

Software review (July 2008)

Review of the single technology appraisal (STA) process (January 2008)

Value of Information (June 2005)

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