Accelerated Access Collaborative:

Identifying early stage products with a potential to deliver significant benefits


This project analysed twenty-two completed NICE appraisals that estimated large QALY gains (defined as ≥2 QALYs gained) and included a thematic analysis to identify common characteristics that potentially underpin the large QALY gains. The aim was to inform work to identify technologies in the early stages of development with high potential to deliver major improvements in health outcomes in the future.

DSU Report

From the analysis of 22 completed NICE appraisals estimating large QALY gains, 29 common characteristics or “themes” were identified relating to (i) the population, (ii) the health benefits or step change from the intervention, (iii) the benefits to the health service that the intervention is likely to lead to, (iv) the wider benefits to society and (v) “wildcard” items noted from NICE committee discussion. The themes identified can inform development of future criteria aimed at ensuring that the process of identifying early stage technologies with the potential to deliver major improvements in health outcomes is comprehensively considered.

Thematic analysis of technology appraisals with large estimated QALY gains (July 2019)